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Employee Business Expense Deduction

You may have been able to deduct expenses related to your employment such as vehicle expenses, travel or equipment. This…

Affordable Care Act

Affordable Care Act Penalty 2018TY

I am sure you’ve heard that President Trump repealed the penalty part of “ObamaCare” (aka Individual Shared Responsibility Payment), however,…

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Credits: Refundable vs. NonRefundable

Today we will have a quick discussion on refundable vs. nonrefundable tax credits.  But before we do that, we have…

Tax Liability

Tax Liability

Making sense out of how tax liability is determined.   When I was young, one of the hardest concepts for…

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Filing Status

Today we’ll discuss filing statuses.  Because of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) there has been many changes for…

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Do I have to file my taxes?

Do I have to file?  That is one of the most frequently asked questions we get here in Harrison, MI….

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Welcome to MI Cottage Tax Services and the start of the 2019 tax season.  This year there are many tax changes and we are here to…