And so starts another tax season – 2021 TY

Form 1040 Clare County Harrison Michigan



Hello everyone and welcome to another tax season. I know we haven’t posted in a while (like over a year) but here we go again.

There has been many changes of tax law and tax credits over the last year because of Covid. These changes can make even the trained professionals’ head spin, We have taken the last few months to attend training on the changes and updates so that we are as prepared as possible to help our community members submit accurate returns. We know the questions to ask to get you the best possible outcomes.

We understand that many people like to use home programs and for many taxpayers this is probably enough, but remember that if you don’t understand what the program or the IRS is looking for in a certain section, then the user might not provide the best answers… We don’t always know what we don’t know (you know?).

We offer many discounts (Like us on Facebook, referrals, Military and others).

Enough sales – here is some good information…

Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) EITC Information Video –

Here is a good about tax season is also the season of phone scams IRS – Phone Scams Info

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